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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dexter Series One!

Hello there pretty ladies! So ths sn't a beauty related post (as you can tell) this is a post about a tv series called Dexter. Recently 've really wanted to get into a new tv series and so my boyfriend (Tom) suggested Dexter. I took his word for it when he explained it as 'awesome' and I'M SO GLAD DID! Tom has watched it since the start and remains up to date with the series- but because he's nice to me he's decided to watch them all again wth me :D So we've had a bit of a marathon and practcally watched them all in one night. How sad yet very cool of us.

By the way- this is not a review. This is just an expression of feelings. I don't rate camera shots or anything.

Basically the series is about a man called Dexter Morgan (he has my last name, it was meant to be...) who's played by Michael C Hall. He is a blood spatter pattern expert in Miami. BUT, by night he becomes a serial killer. But the twist with Dexter is that he only kills what  call the 'baddies' as told to do so by his late father Harry. Then, one day a case comes up known as the 'ice truck killer' who seems to know Dexter very well and messes with his head by leaving him messages reflecting and relating to his lfe. Dexter becomes eager to play his game only to dscover an ugly truth. I won't say anymore. I shan't spoil it for you ;D

As I've already mentioned Michael Hall playes Dexter in the show and I can honestly say I love him. A bit of eyecandy goes a long way. It makes me want to watch it even more. So girls honestly- it's worth it!

It's rated 9.1/10 on IMDb which as Tom explained to me is like stupidly good. Dexter has made me want to be a Forensic Scientist (not to kill people though haha) shame I didn't take Chemistry...

I personally love it because it's so original and interesting. Every episode left me craving another. So. Many. Cliffhangers! And when the series finished I was shaking with excitement! Can't wait for seres 2!

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